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Allow us to guide you on a new possibility with endometriosis

 For far too long you have been suffering and struggling while trying to control endometriosis. It has felt like pushing a boulder up a hill. 

What if it didn't need to be so hard or feel so hopeless? 

Let us share some new insights and explore new possibilities so you can better manage your endometriosis in this free introductory course.

It only takes 30 minutes to complete and will finally help you understand everything about natural healing with endometriosis.



Melissa is the founder and creator of Endo Empowered, a platform dedicated to helping women better cope with endometriosis by using a holistic and natural approach. She has helped 1000's of women to improve their lives for the better over the last 10 years. 

Through her personal journey in overcoming Stage 4 Endometriosis, she developed the REACH Technique© to help other women achieve the same.

Her greatest passion and personal mission is to stop the needless suffering of women with endometriosis. 

"When I first found Endo Empowered, I couldn’t fathom that Melissa claimed she only had 1 day of pain. I was like the rest of you, buckled over in agonising pain for weeks at a time and my prescription pain meds couldn’t touch it! Well, as I’ve followed her advice, I have watched my pain diminish over the year. I just had my very first “ONLY 1 DAY OF PAIN!” cycle and the pain was so minimal I didn’t do anything for it. "


""SPECIALIST SURGERY DIDN'T HELP BUT MEL'S PROGRAM DID!" I experienced terrible pain, huge anxiety, pelvic floor dysfunction, heart palpitations and strange bleeding patterns. I was truly freaking out! I went to see a specialist surgeon but the pain returned within a year. I was lucky enough to join Melissa’s REACH beyond Endo program and it has changed my life. I have reduced pain, my anxiety is gone, and I finally feel in control and truly empowered over endometriosis. "


""I GOT OVER PAIN, DEPRESSION, AND LOW ENERGY" I struggled with daily pain and unbelievably low energy and mood. Once I overcame my low energy, my mood instantly lifted and I also found that suddenly my endometriosis and pain levels became more manageable. I used to experience daily pain and now I experience none! I finally have control over my body! "


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